TIERS is a systematic and powerful hands-on intervention program that maps out the course for successful achievement in beginning reading. TIERS is the RtI (Response to Intervention) Solution for Early Intervention.

This systematic approach provides the student with many opportunities for practice and review – as well as clear and specific corrective feedback.

Reaching the Summit – Skills Summary

Activities that develop comprehension are increased at this time. The learner will also experience opportunities to develop proficiency with opposites, sentence structure, and words that contain a varying number of syllables. In addition, now that the student has experienced so much success decoding the printed text, the student will be given more opportunities to be the creator and writer of text.

Kit includes 47 jobs to develop proficiency with:

  • digraphs and words with multi-syllables
  • more practice with sentence structure
  • opportunites for paragraph writing

Expanding the Structure – Skills Summary

Because this stage in the reading process can be such a huge hurdle for the reader who struggles, at this time the learner will be guided very slowly and deliberately from the world of short vowel sounds into the vast array of long vowel patterns, compound words, blends/digraphs, and contractions.

Kit includes 48 jobs to develop proficiency with word families and different word structures.

Building the Framework – Skills Summary


 Now that students fully understand that letters represent sounds, they will successfully blend sounds together to form CVC words. Building on this skill, the student will then have multiple opportunities to read these words in sentences, thereby developing fluency.

Kit includes 32 jobs for achieving mastery with CVC words

Laying the Foundation – Skills Summary

To prepare the struggling reader for success, the eye and hand need to be trained to track from left to right, letters and sounds need to be mastered, and the understanding that letters create words and words represent tangible thoughts must be established.

Kit includes 34 jobs for:

  • achieving mastery with left-to-right eye and hand movement
  • letter recognition
  • sound/symbol correspondence

Introducing the Alphabet – Skills Summary

Introducing the Alphabet – Tactile materials increase the child’s ability to create a memory of the letter and shape name. Handwriting activities develop fine-motor coordination and control.

The kit includes 24 jobs for:

  • letter identification and printing skills using a tactile approach
  • common tactile objects
  • tracing activities

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